San Diego's finest Italian Catering for any size event.
Italian Catering Services in San Diego:
  • Great Deals On Large Corporate Events
  • Upscale Office Parties Are Our Specialty
  • Open all Holidays, except Christmas Day
  • Elegant Gourmet Hors D'oeuvres Affairs
  • Traditional Holiday Menus
  • Always Specializing In Our Authentic Italian
  • Military Discounts For Active Military Events
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Quality Ingredients
Unrivaled Hospitality
Seasonal Freshness

With Italian catering service creativity and a gracious and dynamic staff, Gaetano Cicciotti promises to exceed your expectations. Cicciottis has an uncompromising desire and commitment to perfection. For any occasion, our restaurant and catering staff provide the ultimate in service, quality and attention to detail by handling all aspects of your special event with care.
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